Stacey Blanchet - Enjoy The Journey!
In 2012, while filming a behind the scenes documentary on the fashion business, Stacey Blanchet, was approached by her director, Jonathan Medal, to scrap the project and film a documentary on her life story instead. They decided to call the documentary "The Journey to Myself" after a piece that was written 7 years prior by Stacey Blanchet.  The documentary is shot "Master Class" style. 
After the film was shot and edited by Jonathan Medal with musical score by Romeo Gain,  It was entered into the 2013 film festival circuit.  The film was an "Official" selection of the 2013 "Las Vegas Cine Fest" and won an "Award of Merit" from the 2013 "Indie Fest".  It is now available for purchase and as VOD!

If you would like to follow information about "The Journey to Myself", you may click on the link below.
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