Stacey Blanchet - Enjoy The Journey!

She was born on June 24, 1965, in San Diego, California.  Her parents are of Cuban, French and Lebanese descent.  She is the elder of two children.  By the age of four she would see her parent’s divorce.  By age 11, with her mother’s second divorce, Stacey quickly learned that nothing lasts forever.  It was during the second divorce that Stacey was sexually abused by a relative, and expected to keep quiet and deal with those demons alone.  It was those two incidents that forever shaped her life in ways she would not know until years later.   Deciding to seek help at the age of 19 for what she would call her dark years, she met therapist, Gerry Limpic.  He would be the first of many to change the course of her life.  He believed and fought for her rights.  He felt it was necessary to expose and remove Stacey from this toxic family situation.  It is in this process that she lost her dad’s side of the family and had to rebuild her life with the help of family and friends.  

It was during her twenties and thirties that Stacey set out to establish her own rules of life. Stacey immersed herself in work, and was driven to succeed. She specialized in business and marketing.  She went from careers in finance, administration, legal, construction management, business and community development.  

With her mother remarrying in 2004 old feelings began to surface that she thought were protected inside a cocoon. Making the decision to finally face her issues, she sat down to write "The Journey to Myself" an incredibly moving tell-all memoir.  The story gained national notoriety, and was entered into several writing competitions. 

 Soon thereafter Stacey was invited to various forums to speak about her story.  It is this body of work that began her journey inward to discover the truth and find inner peace.  

As one enters into ones second stage of life, it gives room for pause.   While Stacey has no regrets for setting up her own rules and not following what was to be expected of her, it is with this wisdom and her distinguished skill sets that she decided to become her own boss.  Her first business aptly named "Your Own Girl Friday" was developed as a full- service concierge style platform that catered to personal clients and professional businesses with all types of needs. If her clients needed a driver, a personal shopper, travel arrangements or personal/professional organization, Stacey was their girl.  Stacey could swiftly switch gears into the professional circuit as well, and consult on large-scale marketing and public relations campaigns.  Her motto is “If I can’t do it, I will find you someone who can”.  In 2016 the company is still going strong with Stacey personally overseeing all her clients needs.

In 2012 with "Your Own Girl Friday" in full swing, Stacey decided to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer, thus Blanchet Designs was born.  She held her first fashion show for charity on September 23, 2010.  Over the next five years, she would design dresses for the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Prime Time Emmys.  In her first two years, she designed dresses for the 2013 Oscars and Grammys for a red carpet sweep. In deciding to take her collection to stores, she focused

on brand development by being featured in 18 magazines worldwide with her editorials making Blanchet Designs desirable for boutiques and stores.  In 2014 Stacey secured four boutiques in Europe that want to carry her designs.  Her production is slated to be finished in 2016 ready for the public.  Due to Stacey’s savvy marketing and branding skills she was able to secure real estate in the boutiques without a tangible collection.

In the beginning of 2011 Jonathan Medal would enter her life.   Wanting to film a fashion show, they set out together to create a documentary on the life of a fashion design house.  After Jonathan and the team followed Stacey for a year, Jonathan had a special request of scrapping the entire project and creating a new documentary.  He wanted to take the written piece "The Journey to Myself" and find out what happened to that young lady.   This process would once again see Stacey going back over the course of her entire life and reflecting on her journey.

Having lived 20 years removed from it all gave her a new perspective on the events and people who helped shape her life for better or worse.  Stacey's life story titled "The Journey to Myself"  was released in July 2012 and won an "Award of Merit" from the Indie Film Festival and was an "Official Selection" of the Cine Fest of Las Vegas 2013.  It is now available for purchase on Amazon. 

After the success of "The Journey to Myself", the opportunity presented itself for her to make another film.  Enter on the scene director, Victor Masters.  They set out to create a documentary about three women who went to The "Sundance Film Festival" in 2011, and were so moved by all the films, that they created a film festival of their own called "Young Leaders Film Festival".   It was important to the ladies that young adults see these social message films to inspire the next generation of leaders. The uniqueness of their film festival is that the entire weekend is run by high school aged young adults.  The documentary "3Moms &A Napkin" was completed in the summer of 2013.  The film has been shown in the Portland Film Festival, 2014. The AOF Film Festival, 2014 where it not only showed, but was up for "Best Social Commentary Film".

During the launch of Blanchet Designs, she decided to enter into the writing and publishing world. Stacey published a small eBook titled "Romantic Encounters" in 2012 which to date has sold 400 copies.  

With her magazine contacts firmly in hand, she set out to explore her journalistic side.  She picked a fashion photographer/artist, magazine publisher,  film maker and fashion designer to interview over the course of two years.  To date her interviews have been featured in 36 magazines worldwide.

By setting out in her twenties to discover and forge her own road map, Stacey Blanchet, has lived life on her own terms.  She has taken every challenge and met it head on only to emerge stronger on the other side. With her businesses, fashion designing, writing, publishing and film making, there are no limits to what Stacey Blanchet can accomplish. 

She lives life on her own terms and states that “she wants to be a work in progress until the day she dies”.  Something we should all aspire to do. 

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